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It’s the trickiest time in the parenting wheelhouse, but you CAN launch a caring, independent, trust-worthy and responsible young adult.

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When a Bad Mood Stretches Over Weeks, Get Help.

Yes, you're busy, but take notice of your teens. If you see that something has changed significantly...

By Karen / February 1, 2016

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Growing Up a Teenager

Some children may glide through their preteen and teen years effortlessly. However, for most the transition...

By The Editors / October 12, 2012

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Home Alone When You're A Kid

As a child of a working single parent, I remember well being 11 years old and trudging down our empty...

By Kathleen E. / October 5, 2012

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The Road to College

"Choosing a college is like purchasing a car," says Brentwood High School Guidance Counselor Dan Winfree....

By Mitchel / September 3, 2012

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28 Steps to College Prep

Two years ago, my husband and I sent our daughter off to college. The experience was one of mixed emotions,...

By Lori / September 3, 2012

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As Your Teen Leaves for College

Being the parent of a first-year college student can be tough. The schedule that was once the weekly...

By Melinda / September 3, 2012



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