Handling Dirty Diaper Blowouts

Kiera Ashford, Associate Editor / February 2, 2016
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Ugh! The dreaded day when your diapering wearing angel has the most disgusting blowout of the year.

These things tend to happen when you least expect it and when you’re in public totally unprepared for it. His diaper changes are becoming more like wardrobe changes. However, we have some local parents coming to the rescue! Here are their secrets for preventing Baby’s blowouts from ruining his clothes — and your afternoon!

Rinse and soak the clothes … in the sun!
I had a bad problem with blowouts and tried it all. Rinse clothes and put them in the sun. Cheap, easy and it works. Sun gets out poo stains!
Rebecca Toner

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Use a special soap to scrub the spot out.
Never had a blow out. But I’m using disposables this time since we don’t have a washer/dryer now. Using Fels-Naptha soap is awesome on clothing if they happen to squirt up the back. I rinse with cold then scrub the spot with the soap and it works wonders.
Deborah Michael Nava

Go the next size up on disposable diapers.
Usually when they “blow out” like that it’s time to go up to the next size diaper. If you look at the sizes, the weights typically overlap somewhat. If you get the larger size, the blowouts will decrease until the next growth spurt.
Tonya Graham

Fold the top of the diaper inward in the front and the back.
I was taught to turn about one inch of the top part of the diaper under with it facing the skin (both front and back). Then pull the ruffle out around the legs. Once I did the one-inch turn and the ruffle facing completely out, no more blowouts.
Ian Widner Slatton

Put a training diaper over the disposable one.
I won’t say that I’ve never had a blowout with cloth, but I’ve had fewer. If you use disposables, though, at least invest in a PUL diaper cover to wear over the ‘sposie. The elastic in the cover (especially in the waist) helps keep the blowout contained. My son’s Econobum and Bumkins covers have seriously prevented several car trips from being really stinky and disgusting. Even if the diaper leaks onto the cover, the poo usually doesn’t go any farther. And you can rinse them out.
Katie Long

If it’s a stage, go without clothing as much as you can!
We had this issue with my oldest. It wasn’t the size of the diaper, but the trajectory of the poo. It would go straight up her back. So we would listen for the first warning “poot” noise, unsnap her onesie and raise it high while she finished. With no clothes touching the opening at the back, it usually stayed put. My youngest stayed in mostly just a diaper during the explosion stage, most often in her Bumbo, and that was easily washed off.
Heather Feather Phillips

Kiera Ashford
Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two.

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